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HANGCHA is proud on its history and developments since it was founded in 1956. Initially as a state-owned company but transformed into a privately
owned company in 2000. In the 60 years history HANGCHA has, thanks to the hard work and support of all employees,
determination of management and our continuous innovation efforts, developed from a small company into one of the leading global material handling
equipment manufacturers in China and globally.

In China, HANGCHA has gained recognition as a successful company. It is on the list of the 1000 ‘Biggest Enterprises’ , in the top 500 ‘Most
Competitive’ and in the top 500 ‘Biggest Private Enterprises’, proving HANGCHA’s direction has been right.

Currently we manufacture annually more than 250,000 units of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment in our state-of-the-art factory in Li-an,
Zhejiang province. And we are expanding production capacity further in order to meet the expected growing demand for our products
in the coming years.

We shall push further ahead in our mission to be a supplier of high quality material handling
equipment, which supports all our customers, both in China and all other countries around the world, with their materials
handling processes. We shall sincerely look for cooperation with our customers and our partners for a mutually brilliant future.

Hangcha – make handling easier!


Hangcha ranks 8th in the world in terms of sales volume according to MMH (Modern Material Handling) magazine. And the sales volume accounted for more than 8% in the world in terms of industrial vehicles.


We provide material handling equipment, spare parts, marketing and technical support through our international dealer’s network to a wide range of all kinds of customers. Our network is highly professional and can provide all the necessary services and support to customers. Our products have gained a solid reputation with our customers for being of the highest quality, for their durability and reliability. HANGCHA offers a complete product range of material handling equipment. From 1.0-48.0t internal combustion engine and 1.0-16.0t electric counterbalance forklift trucks, a full range of warehouse equipment from electric pallet trucks to reach trucks, 3.0-6.0t side loaders, empty container handlers, reach stackers, tow tractors, AGVs and much more.


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